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Founding Companies – Mergers & Acquisitions

Founding a company is a complex and often difficult process where very different tasks have to be fulfilled at the same time. Deciding on the legal form of the company is of prime importance. Transferring shares in a business to another business is equally sophisticated.

We offer comprehensive advice for and care of our clients both concerning founding a  company and transferring whole companies or shares in companies to other companies. 

In the case of new foundations we analyse your requirements regarding the optimal legal solution for your company form. And even after the foundation, we are there for you to help drawing up contracts and general terms and conditions.

We also accompany company transfers from the very beginning. We support the buyer with legal risk analyses (legal due diligence). This means e.g. checking contracts concluded by the company you are intending to buy so that there are no surprises after the transfer. We also draw up contracts for company transfers or the transfer of company shares to another company.

We offer special support in:

  • drawing up the letter of intent,

  • carrying out the legal due diligence,

  • drawing up the contracts for transferring shares in the company or assets,

  • adapting the former business contracts to your requirements,

  • recalling the former CEO and drawing up the new CEO contracts.

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