Commercial Law

Commercial law is to be understood as the special private law between merchants. The validity of commercial law according to the commercial lawbook is independent of the commercial properties of at least one of the legal subjects. Commercial law is not self-contained alongside civil law, rather it supplements and modifies these regulations.

We offer your company comprehensive legal support in all issues of commercial law.

This applies equally to drawing up contracts to regulate the rights and obligations of your company towards customers and suppliers as well as implementing or averting claims at court. We also support you in arbitration processes in order to avoid a court case.

We are equally prepared to represent you in individual legal cases or to work as a permanent outsourced legal department for your company.

We offer special support in:

  • drawing up general purchase conditions,
  • drawing up general sales conditions,
  • drawing up blanket supplier agreements ,
  • checking legal aspects of draft contracts from business partners,
  • repesenting your claims at court,
  • defending unjustified claims against your company at court.

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Thomas Baumann