Competition Law

Competition law is a general term for the laws against unfair competition practices and against restrictions on competition. Competition law is thus divided into unfair competition law and the law against monopolies. In its broadest definition competition law regulates the competition between companies active on the market and aims at free competition. Nevertheless competition law is polymorphic and has many pitfalls.

We advise you about competition law in all sectors of advertising regarding both the company and its products. We support you while you carry out your advertising and defend you against any claims from third parties. This includes averting warnings as well as checking the attacker’s advertising for the possibility of a counter-attack. Moreover we check your competitors’ advertising for legal weak points and defend you against forbidden competition.

Finally we also implement or avert claims for injunctions or compensation under competition law both in and out of court. We register, defend and implement commercially registered trademarks such as brands, patents and samples.

We offer special support in:

  • advising during the developing and carrying out of advertising
  • protecting your interests in negotiations with contract partners
  • drawing up contracts
  • registering and defending trademarks
  • representation in court procedures

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Thomas Baumann