Labour Legislation

No other area of law plays such an important role in daily business life as labour legislation. If you can rely on competent support in this area, then you have a definite advantage. And in labour legislation it is especially important that advice not only has a solid legal basis, but is also based on practical know-how, knowledge about the business sector and a feeling for negotiating.

We support you in solving your labour legislation problems, be they in connection with a termination of employment or drawing up new employment contracts. We draw up all kinds of individual employment contracts, advise and represent those affected by alterations to and terminations of such contracts as well as by any conflicts which occur as a result.

We give you information not only about the legal aspects but also develop solutions together with you to enable you to reach your goal We offer you special support in:

  • advising about employment contracts/alterations to employment contracts
  • support at employment contract negotiations (e.g. about pay increases or regulations)
  • drawing up employment contracts or company employment agreements
  • representation at protection against termination of employment processes

Your contact persons

Julia Gelbing
Julia Gelbing
Alexander Riehle