The internationalization of markets and companies is gaining in importance. Take advantage of the long-term national and international networks of BAUMANN RECHTSANWÄLTE.

Benefit from the long-established networks of BAUMANN RECHTSANWÄLTE.


We have cooperated with our partners at home and abroad for many years. We know our counterparts personally. We regularly exchange information and knowledge. At least twice a year we officially meet the cooperation partners at various locations in Europe. In addition there is regular collaboration with the listed cooperation partners. Thus it is guaranteed that your interests are also protected abroad in a professional and up-to-date manner.

Lawyers cooperation for commercial and distribution law

As a European network of competence this cooperation of lawyers has specialized in advising and representing clients in the field of commercial and distribution law.

European Law Group

The European Law Group (ELG) was founded in 1983. The cooperation of its members means that cross-border issues are solved quickly and efficiently for clients.

European Law Group